Click HERE for more information on specific dates and clinics Each person is seated comfortably in their own harness which are attached together, with the passenger in front and the pilot behind. WHAT TO BRING: Where is everyone? Address: 434 Cascade Drive, Purlear N.C. 28665. When you make your reservation, please have any coupon or gift certificate information with you. If conditions look iffy, we will always choose the safest route and fly you another day. Both the North and South Side are parks. There are restrooms on top of both the North side and South side parks. On your scheduled date and time you can always arrive early to watch others fly. Tandem flights are the sweet result of a simple recipe: a wing large enough to hold two people, an instructor and a passenger. © 2014. Paragliding Tandem Flight in Andalucia Fly as a passenger with an Instructor in a dual paraglider: Don’t miss the adventure of your lifetime! Your pilot will normally film the entire flight for you, or if your flight is a little longer, they will film the highlights. Although we will do our best, we can’t predict the weather exactly and may sometimes have to do a last minute cancellation on site. Morning Flights: The time-frame we will fly you will vary depending on the time of year and weather, but they generally occur between 7-9am. If you have an evening flight scheduled, call us the day of so we can check wind conditions. Tandem flights off the highest take off in Queenstown. Near Cheshire. Tandem paragliding is very safe for many reasons: we are very conservative of the conditions we choose to fly in, tandem paragliders are some of the safest built, and we have a backup rescue chute if anything does go wrong. Powered by: Business Marketing 360®. What do I wear for my flight? I am here for my reservation but no one else is here. Once you land we will take your helmet and harness back and you are good to go. Yes! Evening Flights: Evening flights take place at the NORTH SIDE flight park. Take off and landing involves Paragliding, like any ‘extreme’ sport, has an inherent risk that it’s important to be aware of. However, if you are doing a tandem, you likely don’t have the hours of training required to make such a decision and rely on us to make it for you; therefore, some pilots might fly in conditions your tandem pilot has deemed unsafe. The shop is closed Sundays, so for Monday morning reservations, please check in on Saturday. Do you want to learn to paraglide? If this happens, please bear with us or try a morning, they are much more reliable. THE DAY OF YOUR TANDEM FLIGHT: If you are from out of town or only have one day to fly, we recommend cash to give to your pilot directly or PayPal, so you don’t have to deal with getting a refund if your flight is canceled due to weather. Is there a minimum or maximum weight? Now those dreams can become a reality, experienced with the comfort and safety of your own harness seat. Should you be unable to find your pilot, ask anyone for Cloud 9 and they will easily be able to direct you. MAX ROC offers tandem paragliding flights, beginning through advanced solo lessons, skills clinics, Taking a few steps and soaring into the sky — almost everyone has dreamed of flying. Bronze Tandem Paragliding Flight - 10 minutes 2,550.00 - 3,050.00 Enjoy the amazing scenery from above and get a unique experience that leaves most people in total awe. If for some reason you cannot call, or if the shop is closed, send us an email. All morning flights meet on top of the South Side of the Point. You can choose from: Paragliding Tandem Flights, Full Licence Courses, Advanced XC Courses, Skydiving and HG to Paragliding Co, , and Appropriate clothing (long pants and a wind jacket or pullover). Paragliding lessons in Boulder, Colorado. If you decide to give it a go and wait until the morning , we will generally text you an hour before your reservation time. We apologize for any inconvenience, but your safety is our highest concern and we would rather reschedule you as many times as possible to make sure you will be safe and have fun. Melbourne paragliding is a Melbourne based SAFA approved Flight Training Facility. If we are unable to get a hold of you by 4pm we will have no choice but to consider you canceled. A GoPro is also available for rent with a memory card to take home (inquire about pricing). Follow Located in … The Point is a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise, but bring an extra layer, it can be chilly in the early morning wind. If you show up and no one is there at the park, you may be at the wrong side. Longer flights are more fun and we want you go get the most out of your experience. (Remember Mornings on South Side, Evenings on North Side.) We fly 7 days a week if the weather allows. Covid-19 Update. FlyTandem Paragliding offers paragliding tandem flight over Salzburg City. We can put you on a waitlist if you would like and call you the day of if it looks like it will be good, and we have availability. Treat yourself or buy as a gift. Book your tandem flight now, call us: 07799 197345 Paragliding is one of the simplest ways to fly. Tandem flights usually last around 20-30 minutes. If you have any questions on weather just ask, we will be happy to let you know what went into our decision making process. Once you arrive at the flight park, look for the Cloud 9 Team. They provide unbiased, non judgemental and product neutral Paramotor Instruction without the pressure to purchase specific Paramotor brands. The fees are $20 daily and $5 per retrieval. Fly Tandem Our elite team of certified USHPA Tandem Instructors look forward to sharing your first paragliding flight with you. Have current USHPA certification, minimum certification P2. Groups welcome. Gift vouchers for flights near London, Brighton and South East. To soar with the birds and drift among the clouds? How does the video package work? Each pilot makes his or her own decision to fly; we are making the decision with you and will be more conservative. Evening flights need more specific conditions to be good, so if your evening flight keeps getting canceled, consider switching to a morning flight which is more consistently flyable (however, evening flights generally get higher altitude and are a little more adrenaline inducing). Why did I get canceled? For any Tandem flight, dress for the weather. Learning to fly and buying gear should be a joyious event, and we want to be part of that for you. Tandem flight can be You can’t go wrong with any of our pilots, Cloud 9 only chooses the best! You will get to hold the camera for portions (such as launch and landing) and your pilot will hold it for portions. Cloudbase Paragliding offers tandem flights on the NSW Central Coast with 360-degree views of the coastal landscape of Wyrrabalong National Park. Mother Nature is fickle and weather conditions can change last minute and without warning. Some people never experience this and are able to fly their very first time scheduling; other people come out time and time again and continually have to reschedule. Whether you are an aspiring pilot interested in learning to speedfly, paraglide or just want to fly like a bird, a tandem paragliding Tandem Paragliding Faq Book your flight Gift Certificate 650-733-9359 Tandem Paragliding flights over the San Francisco Peninsula. If you are at our shop, you’re in the wrong place! Evening flights must be confirmed the day of, as the evening weather is very particular and we need to be able to see what the winds and skies are currently doing. Step one is to call or stop by Adventure Toy Store Monday–Saturday 10-4. North America's top towing flight school. The North Side has a large grassy area to hang out and watch people fly, but it doubles as our landing zone, so keep an eye out for incoming pilots. Explore other popular activities near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. How much notice do I need to schedule my flight? Comfortable shoes / hiking boots / supportive enclosed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops). Please be sure you have directions and drive slowly through the neighborhood, it’s tempting to look up and be watching us fly, but there are a lot of kids and pets who are our flight park neighbors. DIRECTIONS: We suggest wearing layers, so if it warms up, you can be comfortable. We will ask for the date you would like to fly, how much you weigh, a phone number and email address to send confirmation. Basic to advanced paragliding and PPG instruction. You can call, text, email, or stop by our store and we can get you scheduled. We understand this can be frustrating and we apologize for any inconvenience, but we urge you to be patient and keep scheduling until you get the right day. Paragliding School in Derbyshire At Parapente we have been teaching people to paraglide since 1987, being one of the oldest established hill launch schools in The Derbyshire Peak District. If the conditions are right and the passenger is willing, the pilot may turn the controls over to the passenger and let them experience what it is like to fly a freeflight craft. How old do I have to be to fly? We will need the following information: Contact name, phone number, and email; approximate weight of each person flying; what day you’d like to fly as well as morning or evening; and whether each person would like to add the video package. Weather is finicky and hard to predict, and can change at any time, but our team of experts does its best to make an accurate prediction. Once you arrive we will fill out a waiver, get you set up with your pilot and it you in your harness. Tandems are also useful for beginner and intermediate pilots to brush up on skills, maneuvers, or thermalling technique. We apologize for any inconvenience, but your safety is our highest concern and we would rather reschedule you as many times as possible to make sure you will be safe and have fun. If you do not confirm your flight, we will have no choice but to consider you canceled. GPS can be tricky and misleading with the two flight parks so double check to make sure you’re at the correct location. Please make sure you know where you are going! Weather is complicated and there are a lot of factors that go into the decision of whether or not to fly. If you want to still go on a light day, we will land at the bottom of the flight park and get a ride back up top and conditions are usually fine to do another flight, often letting you take the controls for a turn or two, or we can do some more radical sharp turns to get your heart beating. Please have all this information ready for each person who will be flying. We offer tandem flights 7 days a week year round both in the mornings and evenings. Advanced tuition. Morning Flights: Morning flights take place at the SOUTH SIDE flight park. Most accidents can be traced back to a poor decision made by the pilot, and we do our very best to be making all the right decisions. If the weather is iffy we will let you know and can reschedule you or wait until you get out there to cancel. If you have a friend who is one of our world class tandem pilots you can request them specifically. Morning flights must be confirmed the day before, as we meet before the shop opens. We will give you an exact meeting time when you confirm your flight. If for some reason you cannot call, or if the shop is closed, send us an email. Now those dreams can become a reality, experienced with the comfort and safety of your own harness seat in a tandem ride with a certified USHPA paragliding pilot. The neighboring property to Sky Retreat is the only certified paragliding site and school in N.C. Come enjoy watching the beautiful view of wings soaring in the sky: